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Working with us

Méntore has until now always been used by Italian large companies and public administrations for the employees training (Reference)

The 2.0 version of Méntore is available in Italian, English and French (it fits the interface according to the course and to the user).

We are actually looking for European companies ready to face the eLearning innovative market.

Would you like to be a training courses and/or eLearning software distributor?

By acquiring Méntore with a Teacher/Distributor License you could:

  • Easily transform your contents in auto instruction training courses
  • Distribute them to your clients with the Méntore RunTime version by publishing them within the company
  • Install a Méntore WEB version to distribute your training courses on a Saas platform (Software as a service)

Edexon guarantees training as well as consulting needed to start your services and the continuous technical support (problem solving, patch, updates) to you and to your clients

Do you prefer selling your own training courses without dealing with the technological part?

Accessing to Méntore by using it as a Saas platform (Software as a service) you could have at your disposal all the tools without the hardware necessity, connectivity, technical personnel:

  • A complete version, independent, constantly updated for the creation and the publication of your contents
  • Registration and publication autonomy
  • Complete management and independence without the hardware infrastructure necessity
  • Training, technical support and problem solving from the side of our technicians

Are you looking for international/national partnerships for training courses?

Edexon has created and distributed GiocoForma: a courses serie in Italian for the compulsory training personnel in companies according to Italian regulations (workstation safety, Privacy, Company responsibility, Mobbing, etc.).

We are available for partnerships oriented to the translation and conversion of training courses for companies which want to work on foreign markets.

Contact us for suggestions or details.