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MÉNTORE: The easy to use eLearning platform

Méntore our distant learning solution

Méntore is an easy to use eLearning platform to create, manage and publish training courses. It is the fastest tool to satisfy training and information requirements within companies.

  • Complete management through WEB technologies: it works on Internet or on Intranet without requesting the installation of a client software. Moreover it consumes low bandwidth
  • Installation and immediate start: the installation and the training necessary to use Méntore in autonomy do not request more than 2 hours. Available in Saas modality (Software as a service: published from an Edexon server). There are no needs to teach students how to attend courses
  • Directly operational: through few process your documentation can easily become a training course to publish. An e-learning courses serie is already available (GiocoForma) which covers some of the most urgent and common companies requirements regarding Italian regulations
  • Registrations and certifications conformed to standards set from labour safety to laws on Privacy and from the law on Responsibilities of Enterprises to the funded training
  • It does not require dedicated personnel. Computer competencies needed to create training courses are the same as those requested when writing with a word processor. Student accreditation, courses publication, training validation and certification with attestation are made in an automatic way
  • Simple but attractive: using WEB potentialities it allows to insert texts, images, multimedia (audio, video, animation) and other existing documentation in an ordered context, elegant, easily usable and coherent according to the company image

The easy to use eLearning Méntore platform provides you: