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GiocoForma: an e-learning courses serie on Italian labour regulations

GiocoForma is a compulsory basic training (CBT) e-learning courses serie for Italian companies. It has been created to satisfy Italian regulations for employees training on Italian labour laws.

Confidential personal data process (Privacy), health & safety in the workplace, fire risk management, workstation safety, Visual display unit (VDU) & workstation course, accident prevention and emergencies management are some of the arguments present in the GiocoForma e-learning courses serie.

The GiocoForma e-learning courses serie is produced and published with MéntoreŽ or provided in our runtime version (limited version of Méntore with only publication tools) or in modality Sas (Software as a service) via Internet from Edexon server.

These courses are oriented for the application of Italian labour regulations and are not transferable on the international level at least that some companies are interested in working on the Italian market. Actually we are not producing them in a multilingual version.

Edexon is ready to make international partnerships at different levels:

  • Supplying Méntore® for the creation and publication (even through Internet) of partner training courses contents
  • Supplying consulting and support for the partner contents development on Méntore® and their publication through Edexon server
  • Interchange and translation of training courses for foreign companies interested to work on the Italian market and Italian companies interested in foreign markets
  • Training on the Italian norms of people interested in being transferred in Italy for working objective