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MÉNTORE: An easy to start and easy to use eLearning platform

Méntore has been developed taking into consideration that it has to be as easy to use as possible. Training and inform are already complex tasks: both do not need to be more complicated by computers themselves which request some specific technical competencies, didactic, network, format, standards and so on and so forth. Free your imagination and your knowledge: training and information are available for all with Méntore!


For who is managing training courses (Administrator)

Méntore can be acquired and installed within the company Intranet or used as a Saas modality (Software as a service) published on an Edexon server with a customizable address.

The installation can be made from our technicians in no more than 2 hours or from the company personnel following a simple detailed manual. The availability of a courses serie (GiocoForma) on some of the main interesting arguments for companies and public administrations, allows to start immediately the training courses.

Simple and clear manuals, provided as auto instruction courses, and online guide allow to the Administrator to be operational within one hour.

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For who creates training courses (Teacher)

It is easy to create a training course on Méntore. You do not need any special computer competencies more than a simple word editor. Registered materials already present in company can be easily and rapidly converted into Méntore training courses.

Without knowing the use of programming language or specific technology it is easy and immediate to input images, diagrams, documentation, multimedia materials (movies, sound registrations, flash animations) within training courses.

Graphic and attractive layout are quickly adaptable to the standard image of the company with few clicks.

Glossary, Graphic Glossary, Suggestions which allow to complete rapidly the training course with easy to use didactic support.

Single or multiple choice test and test order; timer for test; validation ex ante or ex post (to decide if the submission of a didactic unit is needed or if it has been efficiently received); minimum threshold of the course with repetition obligation and/or automatic registration of more advanced courses level. With few clicks all the useful choices to validate and certificate the training course: in an unique screen all the training course is available by using the mouse.

Teacher manual usable as an auto instruction course and online guide are always available: you will need no more than one hour to learn how to translate your knowledge into a Méntore training course!

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For who certifies training courses (Tutor)

The delegation control of users groups to Tutor allows the Administrator to distribute the checking responsibility.

The Tutor can register, subscribe and activate the students through simple tools which can work on the individual student chosen as well as huge groups in an automatic way.

The training course progress state of each student and the partial and final results are immediately visible from a simple screen with possibilities to filter and to order.

The possible solicitation for the laziest students (or the busiest) can be to send to single person or automatically to all those who did not respect the deadlines.

The manual is available as an auto instruction training course and the online guide allow the immediate workability.

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For who will be trained (Student)

It can seems to be an oxymoron, but all the distant training software request a minimum of preventive instruction of the future students to make it able to use the training courses!

Méntore requests only that the student is able to use the mouse and to read.

  • Activation through automatic mail containing all the information for the access (including an immediate login modality “one click”)
  • Immediate sending of the training course or training course chosen from the list
  • Compulsory didactic path (it is impossible to skip any content)
  • Immediate verification of the training course through automatic correction test (if requested)
  • Possibility to see again the didactic unit already used simply by selecting it from a list
  • Multimedia functions and documentation with a “one click” modality
  • Use of all the contents with only three buttons: Continue, Answer and Exit

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