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MÉNTORE: Training and Information courses

According to all companies who tried it, Méntore is the ideal eLearning platform to publish compulsory training courses such as: work safety, privacy, fire risk management, accident prevention and emergencies management. These courses are some examples of training given within public administration and companies.

Méntore registers in details, in a secure way, certifies the training published and the results reached. It allows the employee to learn about his responsibilities regarding training courses regulations edicted by laws.

The extreme use easiness and the direct information availability make it, an ideal eLearning platform for diverse company functions:

  • For the Health & Safety Manager: it is the ideal tool to spread the culture and the standards on safety with certification and legal value.
  • For the Human Resources: it is the tool adapted to the training of new employees, the legal training, the diffusion of quality manual
  • For the IT manager it allows to develop and diffuse rapidly and in an automatic way manuals on internal procedures or introduction courses to the use of specific software, using even animations with monitor and “graphic glossary”


  • For the Marketing department(thanks to the possibility to publish on Internet) it allows to diffuse rapidly, in an efficient and elegant way information on new products; users manuals for users, installers, resellers; companies policies for the commercial structure

There were only examples: any function has the necessity to train and inform in a fast way, elegant, reusable and easily spreadable manner. You can find in Méntore the eLearning platform adapted for anyone who knows how to write with the computer!

Training courses certified by Méntore

The training courses certified by Méntore are used by more than 60,000 students within small, medium and large, Public Administrations, Local Health Companies, Financial Institutions – on topics regarding workstation safety (Dlgs 626/94 and Dlgs 81/08), Privacy and data process, regulations to prevent money laundering (Dlgs 231/01).

Méntore tracks and certifies in details the entire training course in a cryptographic way. Dates, use time, sessions, answers to the tests are specified in the attestation given and distributed automatically at the end of the training through email in a PDF format. Graphic and detail level are customizable.


The registrations detail, and the fact that they are cryptographied, guarantee the complete certification of the training published, either on a legal level (work safety, privacy, anti laundering...) rather than at the end of the report for the Funded Training.