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Company Profile

Edexon ( European software company ) is an Italian IT company. Our mission is to stimulate, plan, implement and manage formation and information process for companies by following an user-oriented approach added to solutions offered by modern technologies.

Birth: training courses for companies

Edexon was born in 1987 mixed from diverse fields of experience: from computer sciences to didactic, from social sciences to psychology. Our goal was to offer indispensable training courses for companies when the diffusion of personal computers just began.

Until now Edexon is a client oriented company, with extremely collaborative and transparent relationships, designed to respond to the real needs; through the time Edexon specialized itself in the problem solving field: we developed the habit to shape our methodologies, times and modalities of publication, contents and objectives given requested by the client, offering the best possible answers to each request.

Development of an IT Italian company

Following this philosophy and this methodology we proceed to the development and the evolution of our services: consulting on information systems, software production, multimedia production, Internet and telecommunication; always preferring the client satisfaction and the final user rather than the low cost standardized solution.

Continuous innovation, new technologies updates, person care without forgetting that at the center there is the user, for who computers have to be an useful tool, convenient and easy to use.

Edexon nowadays: an European software company

Without given up our traditional activities, and always by following this same logic we reached the development of elearning services:

  • GiocoForma®:Giocoforma the courses column which satisfy the main (in)formative requirements of Italian companies favoring the easy to use, taking care of the user and company requirements

  • Méntore®: Méntore the easy to use eLearning platform: is our Learning Management System innovative, immediate, which does not require technical skills – computers neither to produce and publish contents nor attending the formation;

It is with Méntore® that we enlarge our market out of Italy searching European partners (especially French partnerships) European partners (especially French partnerships ) who would like to develop and publish their own courses through our easy to use eLearning platform, already multilingual, and exchange specific contents which could be transnational.