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MÉNTORE: A technology for all kind of companies

Méntore is a WEB learning application developed with ASP technology in MS Visual Basic. It uses a MySQL database (open source and free even for a company use) to store all the needed information.

It has then a maximum compatibility with widespread computer technologies: it is sufficient to have a Windows server (compatible with NT 4.0, 2000, 2003) with IIS installed (servers default component), few dozens of Megabytes available on the disk and a minimum of server performance.

It makes all the process on the server and limit itself to publish standard format HTML 4.01 pages. It does not request the client installation or other specific software used on the PC students.

Developed to work on Internet it needs a huge bandwidth: using it on the company Intranet does not significantly slow down the network traffic.

The technical support is available and operative through phone or email in real time, large customization possibilities (integration in the company information system; graphical adaptation and layout, attestation documentation customization, etc.). A dedicated website publishes immediately corrections and updates and is easily available for your version.

But if I do not want or cannot install it within the company?

A company can have thousands of reasons to not want to install new software: from the hardware availability, to systems incompatibility, until the lack of dedicated personnel.

Méntore, was born to work on Internet, it can be entirely used as a Saas plaftorm (Software as a service) from an Edexon server, as long as you have an Internet connection.

For small numbers of students it is possible to use the GiocoForma courses serie (health and safety, privacy, workstation, anti laundering, mobbing...) published from mentore.edexon.com with the only individual license cost.

On the opposite for huge numbers of users some specific configurations are available:

  • In the address (your_company.edexon.com)
  • In the graphic to make it coherent with the company image
  • In the available tools (from the simplest publication/services of a tutor until the complete use of the system)
  • In the contents: courses created by the company or by Edexon on company materials or using the expert consultancy competencies; autonomous customization made by Edexon on the GiocoForma courses serie.
  • Regarding the performance: disk space, creation speed and adequate bandwidth to the needs.